Bnh - Mission


The Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association was established on March 10th, 1891.

BBLA Bohemian National Hall, 1897

The Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association (BBLA), established in 1891, was founded as an umbrella organization representing approximately eighty Czech and Slovak cultural, educational and athletic community groups and clubs.

With contributions from the newly arrived immigrants, the Bohemian National Hall (Narodni Budova) was built four years later as a gathering place for these organizations in the Yorkville section on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

The original mission of the BBLA was and continues to be to preserve the Czech and Slovak culture in New York City. The current BBLA member organizations are:

  • American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies
  • Association of Free Czechoslovak Sportsmen
  • Czech and Slovak Solidarity Council
  • Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in America
  • Dvorak American Heritage Association
  • Sokol New York