DNES: Art of Kveta Pacovska


června 2, 2017 - června 30, 2017,

[2nd Floor] The exhibition "Art of Kveta Pacovska" features fine art prints and posters by the renowned Czech artist Kveta Pacovska. Kveta Pacovska (b. 1928) works in painting,...
Organizátor: Czech Center NY

DNES: 2017 Conference of The Comenius Academic Club

června 23, 2017 - června 25, 2017,

[3rd Floor] Bringing together outstanding, internationally renowned intellectuals and artists, the Comenius Academic Club seeks to engage in advocacy in a variety of areas of general...
Organizátor: Czech and Slovak Solidarity Council, BBLA

DNES: From the Silver Czech Thaler to the American Dollar


června 23, 2017 - června 25, 2017,

[3rd Floor] The exhibition "From the Silver Czech Thaler to the American Dollar" will be open during the time of the 2017 Conference of the Comenius Academic Club.Exhibition...
Organizátor: Comenius Academic Club, BBLA

Koudelka - Shooting Holy Land


června 27, 2017, 7:00 PM

[1st Floor] Czech Photographer Josef Koudelka grew up behind the Iron Curtain and always wanted to know “what was on the other side”. Forty years after capturing the iconic images of...
Organizátor: Czech Center NY


film, Czech That Film Festival

června 29, 2017, 7:00 PM

[1st Floor] A mother and daughter start a new life in a remote house. When the daughter discovers that her mother has lied about her father, their relationship begins to wither. Director:...
Organizátor: Czech Center NY