European Short films in America

Window to Europe Film Series

December 5, 2017 , 7:00 pm

[1st Floor]

Four short films will be screened as part of the Window to Europe Film Series, a monthly presentation of European films which explore the complexity and diversity of cinematic voices from across the continent.

Films in this series:

1. The Nettle (2017), director: Piaoyu Xie, run time: 22 min, origin: Czech Republic.

2. Fluffy (2016), director: Lee Filipovski, run time: 24 min, origin: Serbia/Canada.

3. Gabi (2016), director: Michael Fetter Nathansky, run time: 20 min, origin: Germany.

4. An Autobiography (2017), director: Zoé Salicrup-Junco, run time: 35 min, origin: Finland.

Free and open to the public. Seats are limited; available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information and to register your seat, please visit

Organized by: Czech Center NY