Prague-New York Effects 8


December 1, 2017 , 7:00 pm

A performance of Věra Ondrašíková and Ikue Mori in the project Prague-New York Effects which connects well-established artists from diverse disciplines. The individuals chosen are ones who seek new influnces and inspirationn for the enrichment of their existing practices. Given a limited amount of time, artists of differing backgrounds and artistic mediums are paired to engage in a shared dialogue through creation. This dialogue consists of the interwining of a variety of topics thorught their mutual rehearsal process. The positive response of the media, as well as that of the general public, has proven the relevance of these artistic collaborations which enrich cross-cultrual dialogue on both sides of the Atlantic.

A meeting of American musician Ikue Mori and Czech dancer and choreographer Věra Ondrašíková results in a joint performance. Within three days, both performers will explore the themes and inspiration that connect their thoughts and creative experiences, bringing them closer than ever. Afterwards they will no longer be divided by the ocean, age and life experience. How close can we become to new people? How often have we been pushed away from our loved ones?

Free and open to the public. Seats are limited; available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information and to register your seat, please visit

Organized by: Czech Center NY