Taneyev and Arensky: In Tchaikovsky's Shadow

concert & talk

February 7, 2018 , 7:30 pm

[4th Floor]

Taneyev and Arensky: In Tchaikovsky's Shadow - part of the ASPECT Foundation for Music & Arts' second New York City season of illuminating performances featuring many of the most prominent performers and musical scholars of today.

Taneyev and Arensky: In Tchaikovsky's Shadow, conceived by violinist Philippe Quint, shines a spotlight on Sergei Taneyev's Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 30 and Anton Arensky's String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, performed by Quint together with violinist Ji in Yang, pianist Alexander Kobrin, violist Milena Pajaro van de Stadt, and cellists Zlatomir Fung and Brook Speltz.

Journalist Damian Fowler will interview Quint in an illustrated talk interspersed throughout the program, bringing to life the music of these two composers who lived under the shadow of Tchaikovsky's greatness through historical artifacts, scores, paintings, and photographs. Anton Arensky's Quartet was composed in memory of Tchaikovsky for an ensemble of single violin, viola and two cellos, and Tchaikovsky's pupil Sergei Taneyev is often called the "Russian Brahms."

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Organized by: ASPECT Foundation for Music & Arts