June 17, 2010 - September 10, 2010,

EXHIBITION OPENING: Thursday, June 17, 6:30pm-8:30pm

The unique exhibition Talking Glass is a result of a creative encounter of glass artist Borek Sipek and didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal. The exhibition will be opened on June 17th in New York.

A musical instrument, a design object, a visual arts installation, a live performance, an exhibition of photographs... these are the ways how this encounter can be described.

The architect and designer Borek Sipek accepted the offer of Ondrej Smeykal to create a series of musical instruments made of glass and took it as a great challenge. Since the beginning of 2010 they have made four original glass didgeridoos.

Their unexpected meeting was witnessed by the photographer Jan William Drnek, whose large-format color photographs became a part of the project. “I tried to transfer the creative atmoshphere of this unique project into photographs - to catch the spirit and the soul that was brought into the glass by all the participants, both artists as well as by skillful glassmakers,” Jan William Drnek says.

"Combining a masterful piece of glass, which is a very Czech material, and a top quality design we get close to an individual conception of the presentation of the instrument that comes from a completely different culture," Smeykal notes. "This project enriches the spectrum of different perspectives on didgeridoo and I believe that Borek Sipek and perhaps the whole circle of glass designers might be inspired by the project of creating musical glass instruments."

Smeykal adds that "the Australian didgeridoo is one of the oldest instruments in the world and at the same time one of the youngest on the global music scene."

The instruments that were named Dragon, Broom, Fish and Tree appeal not only with the beauty and energy of pure glass and the power of Sipek‘s rich imagination but also with brilliant musical qualities and stunning resonance in Smeykal‘s playing.

Talking Glass will be exhibited for the first time at the Czech Center New York from June 17 till September 10. The artists plan several exhibitions in the United States and Canada. After returnig to the Czech Republic the exhibition will continue in Prague.

Accompanyig Events:

Concert: Ondrej Smeykal (didgeridoo) & Michael Delia (mbira)

An evening with one man didgeridoo orchestra and mbira virtuoso

Wednesday, July 21, 7pm at Czech Center New York

Didgeridoo Workshop by Ondrej Smeykal

A four hour workshop for beginners and intermediate didgeridoo players.

Thursday, July 22, 6pm, Czech Center New York

Organized by: Czech Center New York